Lead: Mag. Thomas Haselwanter (University of Innsbruck)


The work package is dedicated to analyzing the generation and handling of data within the research process. The projects carried out so far in Austria focus on the development of adequate infrastructures for the results of research, ie on "finished" research data. How scientists create this data in an optimal way and what tools they need for it, has not yet been collected.

To illustrate the research process, a total of 147 interviews on research data management with researchers at the Medical University of Vienna, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna University of Economics and Business and University of Innsbruck are being implemented. These interviews provide insight into how researchers deal with data, reputation awareness of repositories, research data management, data management plan, FAIR principles, and researchers' needs for new developments.

In addition to existing research lifecycles, the findings from the guideline interviews for the creation of the research lifecycle with individual steps and the corresponding interfaces to services (eg IT services, libraries, office of research) are used.

In addition to gaining insights into the research process in different disciplines, the interviews help build contacts with researchers, raise researchers' awareness of research data management, and communicate needs to decision makers.



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